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Tips for visting the Park

Welcome to the nature’s zone and enjoy God’s most amazing creations “Wild Animals and Birds”
Varieties of birds and wild animals can be sighted in our national reserve parks and protected forests.
Hunting, which was a common practice in India or Nepal long ago, was banned completely in 1972, and the WILD LIFE ROTECTION LAW was implemented and enforced by Indian Parliament and Supreme Court of India.

Though poaching is still the concerns, due to the Law and strict monitoring, strong and positive efforts, we are able to save our wild life including tigers. Government of India, Wild Life Lovers and other supporting NGO’s, Toftiger, Hoteliers,
Guides, naturalist, Travel Agent are always helping and co-ordinating with each other to save tiger or to save wildlife and to save birdlife.

As a country, India has a wide and versatile climate and divers geographical topography. Across the country, there are many wild life and Nature Parks located with their unique characteristics and speciality in terms of its habitants and vegetation. The visiting hours of parks varies season wise and due to monsoon season, and the breeding time, every park remains closed for at least 2-3 month in a year (around July to Sep months). Thus, please check before planning your wild life tours to India or Nepal.

Since you are wild life lover, we are aware that you must be knowing the very basic rules that are followed all over the
World’s national parks or wild life sanctuaries. Some of them are...
✔ Cooking food inside the park, touching or feeding the animals, making noise, knocking, getting-off from the car, chasing the animals, smoking, consuming alcohol, throwing garbage, using cell phones etc…

Few Special points / Suggestion on Parks or Safaris:-

✔ Most of the park remains  open at 06:00 Hrs. to 1700 Hrs
✔ The perk ride will be on open Jeep / Elephant or 20 seater open small bus, few parks allowed bicycle or walk also, like Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary Park at Bharatpur, Rajasthan (Western Part of India)
✔ There would be many zones (Like -1, 2, 3, 4, 5,) to explore the park, open for tourist and every zones / routes are well connected to the each others.
✔ Every morning or before the ride, Park authority decides, on which zone/route each vehicles would be complying inside the park
✔ No Travel Agent / Guide / Naturalist or person can change the route of the vehicle after it has been assigned by the Forest Authority.
✔ Naturalists are also the part of Park Authority, and taking your personal naturalist inside the park is not allowed (This is applicable for most of the tiger reserve or popular Nature parks in India or Nepal)
✔ Normally Digital and other camera are allowed inside the park. For Video camera or Movie camera, you have to take special permission from the local Forest Authority; sometime it is an easy work, sometime it takes few days to get the final permission.
✔ On jungle safari, you can sight many animals, birds, flora and fauna. If you sight tiger, you consider yourself lucky. If you sight more than 01 tiger or tigress with cubs or hunting tiger or relaxing tiger in the wet land will be jack pot for you.
✔ No Guide, Naturalist, drivers, forest guard or any other or related person can give you 100% guarantees to sight Tiger or any specific animal, including Snow Leopard, Lion etc.
✔ We suggest you to use camouflage clothing for park ride, avoid wearing funky and shining colors of cloths / Cap etc.
✔ Always carry a bottle of water, additional battery for your camera, some energy bars and your personal medicines.
✔ Hat and Sun Glass is highly recommended.
✔ Don’t be impatient inside the park, enjoy the beauty of the park, and talk to your naturalist to take more and more information and share interesting experiences.