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Safty Tips for the Rafting...

Safety Tips

Welcome to the World of Adventure, you are now at the golden beach of your dream rafting trip. We want you safe so that you come again and again for this memorable tour. To ensure your personal safety, please cooperate with our crew members. “Your safety is our priority”….

Please read carefully before start your journey from your home –

✔ Please do not consume alcohol or intoxicants for a minimum of 5-6 hours before rafting.
✔ Before rafting, consume light food (Lunch / Breakfast).
✔ Do put on your life jacket and follow the instructions
✔ Fill the forms carefully and contact your rafting guide for any clarification.
If you have any serious health problem like Cardiac, poor vision, epilepsy, you will not be permitted to do rafting.
✔ Certain sections will be not permitted for non- swimmers, for reasons of safety.
✔ Avoid rafting during heavy rains and after sunset because of poor visibility and unusual increase in water level.
✔ A maximum of 8-10 persons (with guide) will be allowed on one raft.
✔ Smoking, consuming alcohol, beer etc. are not permitted during the trip.
✔ Avoid carrying or consuming any eatable or drinks, (Can / Tetra Pack / Plastics) during the trip.
✔ Avoid wearing jewellery during rafting.

Tips for Camping

Please follow important instructions for camping and outdoor activity –
✔ Vehicles are not permitted around the camping site. There is a separate area for vehicles to park.
✔ Cooking is not permitted in parking area.
✔ It is not advisable to walk or hike alone in the forest area due to wildlife in the area.
✔ Do not smoke or throw any garbage inside the forest area, leave only your footprints.

Things to Carry

Make your trip safe, easy and memorable. Please bring your personal items like –
✔ Torch (With extra batteries).
✔ Shoes (trekking or canvas shoes for rafting (beach sandals are highly recommended). Avoid wearing new shoes.
✔ Personal medicine and toiletries.
✔ Light woolen clothing and a windcheater. Clothes suitable for water sports and camping (more details as per the time/ month of your visit)
✔ Swim suit, track pants etc.
✔ Camouflage clothing for jungle walks or trekking
✔ Hat/ cap, sunglasses and sun protection cream
✔ Plastic water bottle, raincoat, umbrella etc…
✔ Mosquito Repellent Cream / Patch

Ask for detailed list for the outdoor activities.

Extend your Packing List

✔ Binoculars
✔ A favorite book
✔ Tablet / Laptop
✔ Musical Instrument
✔ Notebook and pencil / Pen
✔ Topographical Map of the local area (To explore local area in details)
✔ Cell Phone with active SIM Card (Contact us to know best mobile service provider at the camp site)

Leave at Home

✔ Jewellery and valuables
✔ Perfume sprays
✔ Electric Shaver
✔ Vanity bag
✔ Wrist watch (If it is not waterproof)

What we provide

No need to negotiate, we will provide some following items for your memorable holidays like –
✔ PFD (Personal floatation device "Life Jacket")
✔ Helmet
✔ Sleeping Bag
✔ Pillow (Air)
✔ Sleeping Pad/Mattress/Cot
✔ Dry bag for clothes
✔ Dining Area
✔ Meals (As per Voucher)
✔ Tents
✔ Beach Game (Volleyball, Basketball etc)
✔ Trekking stool (Chair)
✔ Match Box and Candle
✔ Power Backup* (Conditional)
✔ Hot Water* (As per Camp Timings)

Forget these while in camp

We do not provide the following at beach camp sites to maintain the sanctity of the local area
✔ Air Conditioners
✔ Television
✔ Internet or any other office setup* (an exception may be made, as a special case, during large conferences or incentive tours)
✔ Loud Music or DJ
✔ Room Service, late wake ups, a la carte menu, Laundry Etc…

Environmental Issues

Apart from your entertainment we have to consider our eco system and environment as well. We, therefore, insist on a certain code of conduct in camps –
✔ Do not deface or damage the flora and fauna in the area around the campsite.
✔ Please avoid using any kind of soap / shampoo at water bodies such as streams, rivers, lakes etc.
✔ Please minimize use of plastic bottles, plastic packets, cans etc.

✔ Please segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste at the campsite. Use the bins provided for the purpose.