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White Water River Rafting

Down your raft at Ganga River’s white water and face up to 4 + Grade rapid. It can be real adventure and with learning.
Playing valley balls at the golden sands and you can enjoy gala evening with choice of your food.
These all can be possible at the foothills of the Himalayas at Shivpuri (14 KS from the gateway town of Rishikesh)
Day can be start from 5:30 AM to walk to the forest as a nature walk with our naturalist. Yoga session with Yoga guru and also you can have enjoy self-cooking kitchen. Our crew can help you to prepare at least one variety in your lunch OR dinner.
After breakfast, prepare yourself for next two hours white river rafting. Our guy will help to wear all safety gear for rafting. Now down your raft and listen the instruction of your rafting guide and tight your paddle to face a real adventure.
After facing many challenges, you will reach very open area “Rishikesh” take your raft to the ghat side. Off load all the gears and after changing your wet cloth, proceed for sightseeing of Rishikesh or drive back to the camp site.
Your crew members are waiting to serve some snacks like small sandwiches, some dumpling (vegetable Pakora) with choice of tea and coffee.
Make your own evening more challenging. Play volleyball with our crew members at the beach side. Followed by dinner.
Enjoy your dinner at the beach side situated dining area with multi cuisine food and drinks.
We have also plan for corporate get to gather. Come and give a yourself to learn or experience real adventure..........with holidays.