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Luxury Hotels Of India

There is long history of “luxury” in India. You can feel or see this in any forms like in old temple architecture or paintings in India.

Floors covered by Persian carpets, roof decorated by Belgium glass or inlay work on Italian marvel, or carving on Burmese teakwood can be seen. All are exceptional and extra ordinary work, which you see in India in heritage hotels only.

Few of them are ruined over the years and a few of them are fixed in court property disputes.

Government of India has tried to restore this grand dynasty and has taken progressive steps to restore these properties.

After few years of independence, most of the big properties are converted into heritage hotels. These hotels are attracting luxury lovers from all over the world. You can visit and stay in such beautiful luxury heritage hotels like Ram Bagh Palace, Ananda In the Himalayas or Amar Vilas at Agra. In this endless list of heritage hotels, we also have a nice well maintained hotel Lake Palace, which is a good example of Rajputana architecture built on a small island in Lake Pichola at Udaipur, Rajasthan.

After major demand and requirement, a few newly built hotels have also been added in this list like Chatra Sagar resorts at Rajastahan or Coconut Lagoon in Kerala. These hotels are well decorated with beautiful carpets, marvel, mirror works and carved furniture, ready to host you with world class facilities.

There are elegant wild life resorts like Mahua Kothi, Banjar Tolla, Aman Resorts at Ranthombhore where you can witness the adventure of wild life.

After detailed feed back from our valuable tourists, we have prepared a list of “Luxury hotels of India” that will help you to explore great hotels on India’s map.

We will be grateful to you, if you can allow us to make a tour plan based on these “Luxury hotels of India”.