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Haveli Of Rajasthan


Rajasthan is known the world over for its forts and palaces. Added to this splendor are the exquisite Havelis (Mansions) of Rajasthan. Over 200 years old, these havelis still narrate their history. Many of them have been converted to hotels, while some are still occupied by the descendents of the people who built them. These Havelis are an integral part of the history of the Marwar and the Shekhawati regions of Rajasthan.
Made of carved marble, wood, sandstone etc., these havelis narrate a story through its beautiful glass and wall paintings. The artists painted folk tales as well as stories from the Indian mythology and over time also made an attempt to relate to world events. For example, artists in a Haveli in Mandawa have painted the inventions of Wright Brothers and Graham Bell, similarly another Haveli has a steam engine with the British in it. Many of these Havelis still retain their original gold paint and stone paint art work on their walls and ceilings, reflecting the rich heritage of time and the creativity of the artists. The grand entrances signify the grandeur and the royal welcome.
About five decades ago, many of the families moved to metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi leaving these Havelis to dilapidation, not only of the structure, but also of the rich heritage. Thus, many of them started losing their charm and grandeur. During the last two decades, the Government of India and the Government of Rajasthan intervened and worked with many of the families or their trusts towards restoration of these valuable treasures of those times. Over time many of them have got converted into heritage hotels and also in some cases home to the descendents of those who built the splendid structures.
We offer our clients an opportunity to experience some of these grand Havelis and themselves to the splendor of those times.