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Do you have any questions that have not been answered by the information on this page or elsewhere on our website? Feel free to contact us at any time with your enquiry—we are happy to help!!!!

What is Oriental Bliss Tours?

It is Travel Agency or Tour Operator, located in New Delhi, India

In which field this company operates?

Oriental Bliss Tours conducts leisure and business tours in India for foreign travelers. The motto of the company is to promote Tourism in India. The company specializes in Cultural Tours for North India / South India, Adventure Tour and Motor Biking. The details of the conducted tours are given in the 24 slides shown in the website.

What are the business hours?

We work from Monday to Saturday (10 AM – 06 PM)
Our travel advisor can assist you 24X7 on the mentioned Telephone Number lines or SKYPE.

Who organizes the travel arrangements in this company?

We have a team of experts from every field related with this profession. Our travel consultants will assist you in planning your trip. They will put in all the efforts to make your holiday memorable. Their suggestions and advices will help in making the tour safe and secure.

How does the booking process works?

After a series of your correspondence with our travel consultants, a final itinerary along with the tour cost will be sent to you. After your approval on the same, Oriental Bliss Tours will send you an invoice to make the payment.

How can I make payment for my tour?

You can pay through bank transfer (TT) or online banking system as per the Global Banking Rules. We also accept payment through Credit Cards (Visa and Master cards only)

Which bank the company holds its account with?

We have account in Standard Chartered Bank.

What currencies do you charge in?

We have bank account in INR/USD/EUR formats. You may pay in any currency. The amount will get transferred to our account through any of these three formats.

How far in advance should I book?

Depending upon the travel circuit, number of travelers, the period of travelling etc., we may require minimum 24 Hours to 01 week in order to confirm all the services.

What happens if I need to change or cancel my tour?

The company has its own Cancellation Policy which will be conveyed to you during the process of tour booking. Changes in itinerary can always be done if there are enough time gaps. The possibility of last minute changes depends on the travel circuit and the services involved.

What if one of my scheduled activities is cancelled due to weather conditions?

The weather conditions are hard to predict well in advance. Cancellation of the tour or the activities is a set back for both the tourists and the service providers. In such a situation we try our best to negotiate and get as much refunded amount as possible. However there are certain agencies like International Airlines which work as per International Rules and Regulations and have their own cancellation policy.

When do I receive my travel vouchers?

Once the tour gets finalized and the advance payment has been done, the documents will be generated. At the time of your arrival in India, the company’s representative will hand over these travel documents to you.

What is the company’s policy for Kid Travelers?

In almost all the hotels the children below 05 years of age are not charged for services. Also Indian Railways and Airlines often come up with special offers for children. For all ASI protected monuments in India, there is free entry to children up to 15 years of age. The company as well offers attractive discounts for kids depending upon the services provided.

What happens if I have an emergency during my stay?

We prefer to provide you accommodation in the hotels with Doctor on Call service. Also, you will be provided with a Cell Phone and an Indian phone number. This will enable you to call for help at the time of emergency. Your File Manager/ Driver/ Tour Guide or Escort will be just a phone call away.

Why aren’t flights included in most vacation packages?

As the airfare fluctuates with time, the international or domestic air fares are not generally included in the total package cost. They are provided separately.

Does the company provides tour manager and tour guides?

The company suggests you should always hire a tour guide while going for the sightseeing anywhere in India. It will enable you to understand the place in a better and correct manner. Apart from tour guide, on request, the company provides tour manager as well who will accompany you on your trip. For female travelers, female tour manager will be there.

Will I get latest update about the destination I will be scheduled to visit next?

A file manager will be assigned exclusively for you trip, who will keep you updated with the latest news/ situation in your travelling region and advice, in case there is an emergency situation.

How will I manage my money during the travel?

We will provide Indian currency of smaller denominations in exchange for your foreign currency before the tour begins. This will be helpful in tipping at the hotels/ airports, small money expenses, gratuity etc. Also we will ensure you do not get cheated at the shops or by hawkers.

How can I stay connected with my family while on trip to India?

As you arrive in India, along with other documents a Cellphone and an Indian phone number will be provided to you that will remain with you till your departure from the country. Nearly 90% of India has mobile phone networks. You may also bring along your Laptop with you as the airports and most of the hotels in India have Wi-Fi facility.

Is India’s climate safe to travel with an infant?

If you are travelling with an infant we can choose the set of places with favorable climatic conditions at the time of your travel. If you already have a set of destinations decided we will suggest you the favorable time to travel to those places with your infant.

What are the provisions for people travelling from Non English Speaking Countries?

The company provides Linguistic guides for travelers from Non English Speaking Countries. Both English Speaking Guide and Linguistic Guides are available against the guide charges fixed by Ministry of Tourism.

Is there any dress code to be followed while travelling in India?

There is no particular dress code to be followed while travelling in India, however it is expected that the travelers are modestly dressed. In case the place you are visiting, like any religious place, wildlife area etc., has a dress code, you will be well informed in advance.