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Chartered Services

After innovation of aero plane by Right Brothers, the whole world has changed. Distances have come closer and world has shrunk.
Tourism industry took advantages from this innovation and travelers started going beyond their immigration. It was a great opportunity to explore interior part of the world. We must say that, travel industry has become an “Industry” after connectivity of the whole world by air industry.
It is very difficult to get some time for travel from this busy scheduled. So this mode of transport can be a good idea for “time less traveler”. You can explore many things in fixed time (Or within time scheduled).
Oriental Bliss Tours can provide you this facility in India, to cover your destinations

We have trained pilot and a fleet of highly world class maintained air craft as well as helicopters to full fill your requirement.

We have special itinerary as well, in this itinerary, you can cover wild life reserve of India or can explore destination in the hidden Himalayas. Also you can get opportunity to find Maharajas palace or can fly Delhi to Agra. After visiting Taj Mahal, you can fly to Jaipur and then explore golden beaches at Goa, or craftwork from Southern part of India.
These all are possible in short time by hiring chartered aircraft.
For these special itineraries, we have a very special team to cater your tours.

We will be grateful to you, if you could give us an opportunity to prove ourselves. We will make tailor made programs for you and will do all the needful arrangements.