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Additional Information

Oriental Bliss tours is a tour planner and service provider for tours in India, Nepal and Bhutan. We can advise and help with your tour and travel plans and undertake provide all travel related services within the destinations mentioned above.
We make customize tour packages and itineraries. Our Travel Consultants will help you decide your travel and itinerary. All aspects - cultural, political, weather conditions etc. - are considered while suggesting tours.

The following information may be useful while travelling in India.


Oriental Bliss Tours is responsible for and concerned about your travel and accommodation during a tour. We recommend only those places which are safe and secure, hygienic and well located with power backup and good facilities.
We use a few handpicked hotels (star and non-star categories), heritage properties, guest houses and home-stays for your comfort and convenience.


We have our own fleet of vehicles with experienced drivers and a transport manager. Our vehicles are well-maintained, with tubeless tyres,clean air-conditioner filters and spotless interiors. Seat covers are changed regularly during the tour. We try to provide one vehicle and driver for the duration of a tour so that you are familiar with the vehicle and your driver.
The car will have a signboard of our company. Fruit, bottled water, fruit juice, cookies and soft drinks are available with the driver.
Our drivers are well paid, well dressed with name plates. They follow traffic rules and have good communication skills. They are amongst the best in their profession, knowlegable about roads and destinations. They do not use cellphones while driving and have strict instructions about avoiding alcohol on tour.

Tour Escort

All our tour Guides are well read and knowledgeable about destinations, customs, traditions, cultures and cuisines with good communication skills. Tr avelling is fun with our tour escorts with their fund of folk tales and knowledge about the local culture and traditions.

Money matters

We are approved travel agents and have all necessary approvals from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. We are members of the Association of Tour Operators of India (IATO).
Our banking partner is Standard Chartered Bank with whom we maintain FOREX and INR accounts. We accept payments in USD, EUROS
We undertake financial transactions as per Reserve Bank of India (www.rbi.org.in). We have a dedicated accounts department and a team of Chartered Accountants to manage all money-related issues.

Tour Cost

Tour price is quoted in INR, EURO or USD. Your holiday is important and our office will update you of if there is any change.
Terms and conditions are detailed in the tour price document. The tour price is final and includes all taxes. There is no hidden cost.

Child Policy

ASI (Archaeological Survey of India- http://asi.nic.in) gives free entry to monuments for children upto 14 years of age. You need to carry a valid birth certificate or proof-of-age document to avail of this concession.
Most hotels do not charge for children upto 5 yeas. Indian Railway and domestic airlines offer discounts and special offers for children.
We too have a flexible child policy. Depending upon the services required we also have attractive offers and discounts for children.

For The Differently Abled And Those With Special Needs

We can design a customized itinerary for the differently abled or those with special needs. We provide special tour escorts for such groups.
Most airports and some railway stations have been upgraded with facilities for those with special needs and others are in the process of being re-designed. Most hotels are equipped with modern elevators and toilets for the differently abled.
For differently abled clients, if necessary, we provide wheel chairs, a trained attendant to help during the tours and a well-planned itinerary with user friendly hotels. on prior notice, if required, other specific facilities will be provided.

Cancelation Policy

God is great!, We wish to travel safely without any break or cancelation. Nobody wants any cancelation after confirmation of the tour. In any case cancelation is the main issue for any organization or person.
We can understand your problem and cause of cancellation of your any services.
So we will keep in mind and our file manager will process your refund after deducting the minimum retention charges from the hotels/Airlines etc. We as a travel agent don't claim any cancelation charges.
You have the option of keeping your balance money with us which can be utilized by you (for your next tour) within one year of time period.
We suggest you about the cancelation charges before you make final booking of hotel or tour.

Safety Measures

While travelling in any part of the world, one of the measure concerns is Personal safety.
Sometimes, the regional issues are not highlighted and ignored by Media which can be very important for the tourists like political scenarios, geographical conditions etc. The tourist planning to visit some particular area, which can be attested by some agitation, road block, strike, violence, floods etc. It is our duty and responsibility to inform the right situations or status to our tourists that will help you to re-plan or alter the tour program or itinerary.
The situation caused by either nature or manmade or political, we take the right insights from our local sources and further we communicate the exact situation to our tourists, explaining the right scenario.
Oriental Bliss Tours always uses local (From the visiting area) drivers or suppliers, who know the in n out of the area like roads, bridges, small routes, guest house, hotel, shelter, health center, medical shops, communication center, police station etc. to secure your safety and security.

Food Safety

Food is always the major concern area of your tour. Without tasting good food, your travel will be incomplete. Across the country, we arrange & offer options of good restaurants which serve variety of cuisine and food. For the tourists, India can be considered as a food capital of the world. But you got be careful at the same time, if you are not adaptive, it can be disaster for you and your holidays would become monster.
What you eat !
Where you eat!!
When you eat !!!
How to eat !!!!
Our guide or tour escort can explain you in details about the cuisine too. There is many verity or variation in Indian food. It is all depend on region, growing and climate.
Usually we do not recommend street food or small road side restaurant to our guests. Packed food is also not very advisable in our opinion. We always take care of even small things before suggesting you the options for eating.
Like - fruits and vegetable, non cooked items, half cooked food or any liquid, like milk, juice, water, water based drinks (called Sharbat in India) milk products etc.
Most of the cities, we do have recommended restaurants, food joints.
We insure that the restaurants have clean dining area, clean and hygienic cooking / Kitchen area, spic and span cutlery, napkins, table lining etc.
There are some selected restaurants in some part of India where you can find the organic food stuff too. Based on your preference, we can try to find out some good or at least semi organic food stuff for your meals (availability depends on the area you are travelling).
For the trekking or long Jeep drive to the interior part of Himalayas or remote areas, we always provide our own kitchen services with cook and fresh supplies to ensure your good health during travel.
We provide hot / fresh food during trekking or long Jeep drive, if it is packed lunch; we ensure 100% fresh food are packed in recommended food packets with tetra juice pack in cotton bag separately for every members.
After the meal we dispose left-over food at the right place to maintain hygiene level of the place or for the Himalayas.
Before your arrival in India or confirmation of the tour, our file manager will ask your food preferences and special remarks, so that we plan accordingly.
Our guide, driver, tour Manager will take care of your food preferences, it will be fresh, safe, tasty and stomach friendly.
Come and enjoy cuisine of India......

Environmental policy

India is a responsible country in terms of maintaining on environmental issues on international level.
We do have such supporting system to our nature, ecology and environment. Our each and every members, suppliers i.e Guides, drivers, camel man, naturalist etc are fully aware about the environmental issues and they cooperate to ensure the environmental issues.
Oriental Bliss Tours participates regularly in different seminars, workshops and voluntary work to maintain our Eco system and wild life.

Oriental Bliss tours follows and puts an effort to maintain the Eco system.

We suggest our valuable guest to follow some remarkable points to preserve our fragile eco system.

Some very important aspects we follow.
✔ Usage of EURO 4 norms cares only
✔ Collect the trash (In the car or bus) to dispose at proper place
✔ Less use of plastic bottles / Cans / Tin etc...


Above 400 meters from sea level, we follow special rules -
1) Avoid using plastic bottles of cold drinks and juice packets, as the tetra pack is recommended for the Himalayas. Our guide would carry a plastic bag to collect all the tetra packs (after the use) to dispose off at recommended (provided from the local government) recycle bins.

2) We suggest our tourist to use beer bottle rather than the cans of beer, also we try to reduced use of rappers of candy, medicine rappers, used batteries, cigarette butts etc.

3) Less use of mercury, foam, carbon based products / items

4) Try to reduced pollution level during trekking or expedition in the Himalayas, such as stop burning plastic garbage, less use of regular batteries, fiber based items like face tissues, paper napkins, cigarette butts, water bottles, food packages etc.

5) We use chemical in toilets to reduce the biological pollution level in the Himalayas. Also we follow the guideline to dispose - off used chemical of toilet. (After the flush)

6) We try to use maximum recycle items like papers, file cover, stationary, etc in our office, work place or travel. We buy gift items directly from the NGO's like "Trash To Cash" who manufacture gift items and stationeries through recycled items like plastic, paper, jute, metal etc.
We have carefully listed manufacturers of textile, home decor, footwear, wood items, food items etc for our tourists. We suggest our tourists to buy and help those people who really need attention in our society.

7) Oriental Bliss Tours updates, environmental issues related news and suggest to our valuable guests before going to the particular area i.e any kind of radiation, polluted (More than a level, fixed by Ministry of Environment, Government of India) land / mountain, water bodies, river, lake etc.

At ATOAI, we follow the Himalayan Code of Conduct adopted by Union International Alpine Association (U.I.A.A.) which entails the practicing the following guidelines:-
✔ Protect the Natural Environment
✔ Campsite: Remember, the another party will be using the same campsite after you have vacated it. Therefore, leave the campsite cleaner than found it.
✔ Limit Deforestation -
Make no open fires and discourage others from doing so. (Conditional)
Where water is heated by scarce firewood, use as little as possible.
When possible choose accommodation that uses kerosene or fuel-efficient fire-wood stoves.
You will help the case greatly by taking with you some sapling and planting these on your trail
✔ Burn dry paper & packets in a safe place: Bury other waste paper and biodegradable materials including food. Carry bag and non-biodegradable if you come across other people's rubbish, remove their rubbish as well.
✔ Plants should be left to flourish in their natural environment: collecting seeds and routs of any plants or herbs are illegal in Himalayas.
✔ Help your guides and porters to follow conservation measures.
✔ Respect local traditions, protect local culture, and maintain local pride.
When taking photographs, respect privacy. Ask permission and use restraint.
Respect Holy places: Preserve what you have come to see, never touch or remove religious objects and remove shoes when visiting temples.


Help to secure green World